American Call Solutions

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Answering Service/Multi-Channel Contact Center


Fully equipped answering service where customer service is our key function, handling each and every one of  your  patients with care and compassion.  We can take your busy office overflow during the day, and also handle your after hours needs IE;  page out doctors (using our *ASP sms service), schedule appointments (in real time so you can also view and make any necessary changes online), Take messages for your patients and much more! We are prepared to 

                                    meet your answering service needs!


For your plumbing or technician needs American Call Solutions  has the capability of doing all of  the above as well as handling your after hours emergency dispatch needs.  Your customers can call in to our call center or go to your website and submit a "ticket" and we will assist them directly. Whether its a leak or a refer down, we have the knowledgeable staff to handle each and every call as if  it were the first.

Emergency Services

Please note that all of our calls are important, but there are some calls that demand absolute immediate attention. At American Call Solutions, we understand the necessity of handling ER calls quickly and accurately.  Your Emergency calls will be routed to be answered first to ensure fast, attentive service. 

American Call Solutions  provides these services and more...

*AmeriSecuredPaging (ASP):  Allows for us to page out securely (all messages are encrypted), ensuring compliance with HIPAA law while maintaining all parties security.  With ASP, your staff  can also communicate with us, and our professional support agents will be able to see when messages were viewed, received and  if  there was a response.

*AmeriWEB: Provides Web integration via Chat and or Email Channels so your customer's questions and concerns can be addressed 24 hours a day, on the web, aiding to ensure your customers' satisfaction. This feature also allows you to forward  a business email to one of  our email addresses so your customer's needs can be answered quickly via the web, or we can dispatch out a technician if your protocol requires it. At American Call Solutions, our main concern is keeping our clients happy with our performance and the services we provide. 

*AmeriConnect: enables you to make, view and alter your O/C schedules in real time. You will be able to add, view or change employee contact information via the web and also view all paging messages sent between your staff  and us. AmeriConnect keeps you connected with us at American Call Solutions  to make for an open communicative partnership.