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                               National Multi-Channel Customer Service & Support  & Answering Service Contact Center 

Did you know...The average cost of paying a front desk receptionist in the United States in 2015 was about *$30,012 annually? Employer paid individual health care premiums were apx. $4,704, while family premiums had risen to $17,545. 

These are the figures you may want to be prepared to pay out of pocket, should you hire out for reception/help desk personnel directly.  However, you would only be paying a small fraction of that cost granted, you allow American Call Solutions to manage your customer support.

With over 30 years of Customer Service and Support experience, our team of professionally trained, reliable, America Based Telephone Support Agents are prepared to be at your service immediately!!

Do you need someone to assist with answering your office calls during office hours or after, dispatch technicians, schedule your customer's appointments or take your orders? We can help!

Our support staff are kind, compassionate, skilled, professional and discreet.  We treat each communication with care, and process with smooth delivery to it's destination. Allow us at American Call Solutions  to be the extension that your business needs!


With per minute pricing being so astronomical, you need an affordable and  reliable Call Center Service that you can partner with and trust. We are pleased to be your best call Solution!              

                                                    WE WILL BEAT ANY COMPETITOR'S PRICE NATIONWIDE



                                                ** PER CALL BILLINGNOT PER MINUTE to SAVE YOU $$MONEY!!**

                                                                                  Services We Provide:

                                                                                Customer Service & Support (for most industries)
                                                                                      Answering Service/Call Center
                                                                                               Appointment Reminder & Scheduling
                                                                                        Emergency & Non-Emergency Dispatching
                                                                                                                         Chat  Service
                                                                                                                         Order Taking
                                                                                                             Reservation Scheduling
                                                                                                                       Toll-Free Numbers
                                                                                                        Voicemail & Wake Up! Service
                                                                                                                      Class Registration                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Infomercials
                                                                                                                          Tech Support

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